Harlequin Sheep Prices

2016 brings great change to Six Wags! We want more people to become acquainted with and fall in love with Harlequin sheep. Normally each Harlequin is priced according to several; factors and can range from $450 to $1200+ each.

However, in order to make Harlequin sheep an option to everyone and to help spread the breed throughout the US we are making the following unheard of offer:

Six Wags Harlequins Will be Offered Far Below Market Price in 2016!

That mean right now, you can secure your Harlequin lambs according to the following prices:

  • EWE lambs (normally $1000+) $900 each
  • RAM lambs (normally $900+) $800 each
  • RAM wethers $375 (if we have any, they will be mostly black and therefore not suited to breeding. If you want to have a colorful wether the price will be $800 - the same as an intact ram)

Right now, wethers are a rarity as we need breeders to help spread this amazing breed. Wethers may be available if they do not meet breeding standards. This could mean you get a brown/black or very little white on your wether.

No matter what the color one thing remains the same and that's the great personalities they all exhibit. They are all curious, friendly and seem to genuinely want to form a relationship with you.

Some of the factors that usually influence the price are:

  • Blue eyes or partial blue eyes
  • Color of fleece. Fancy spots are more expensive than a more singular color. Even the more singularly colored sheep carry the spotting and blue eye genes. Like with all sheep - you never know what you'll get when breeding!
  • As with other breeds, ewes are generally more expensive - but a ram with blue eyes will come at a premium.



We will air ship (lambs only)

or meet you within a reasonable distance (2 hr maximum from Van Alstyne, TX) for pickup.

You can also opt for delivery by us at $1 per mile (one way)



Six Wags Over Texas sells registered Babydoll Southdown sheep and Harlequin sheep, lambs, sheep breeding groups, adult sheep throughout the United States of America

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