Home of the 1st American Purebred Harlequin Sheep

We decided to add purebred Harlequin sheep to our flock in 2012, establishing two distinct lines of miniature sheep. Harlequin sheep are known as a miniature spotted sheep and are the result of many years of work of Kathleen Sterling of Black Sheep Farm. Although Ms. Sterling has passed, her work continues through a small group of select breeders based in the United States.

In 2016, we were excited to have the first American Purebred Harlequin sheep in the world! This is the start of creating the purebred standard. Our lucky boy is names Torrie!

Origins of Harlequin Sheep

The following sheep were used to develop the Harlequin breed:

  • Karakul
  • Tunis
  • Corriedale
  • Lincoln
  • Border Leicester
  • Romney
  • Montedale
  • Coopworth
  • Finn-Rambouillet
  • Southdown rams

Approximately fifteen years ago the flock was closed having reached it's goal. There were two primary goals of Ms. Sterling:

  1. To produce a sheep breed with the size and conformation of the Southdown breeds (miniature and standard).
  2. To produce a sheep with fleece that is varied in color, texture, length and staple.


Six Wags Harlequin

lambs are here!


Six Wags Over Texas sells registered Babydoll Southdown sheep and Harlequin sheep, lambs, sheep breeding groups, adult sheep throughout the United States of America

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