Babydoll and Harlequin Sheep Lambs Are Coming

The ewes are contentedly resting as a few are already showing signs of building up milk for Feb 23, the first day we may see our 2015 lambs. Right now we are seeing Babydoll ewes showing the signs of sheep pregnancy, but many of our Babydoll sheep were bred to Harlequin rams. This has been a great year for all of us having moved to a much larger farm where the sheep can roam and eat natural grasses and get more exercise. We are already getting inquiries for 2016 Harlequin sheep, so if you missed out this year you'll want to get your reservations in early.

2014 Mini Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Breeding season began for all of our Babydoll sheep as of last week. We expect a great crop from of doting moms and robust rams!

Harlequin breeding (the other mini sheep) began in June to utilize a great ram who is going north to Oklahoma to his new home with his own ewes in October.

Right now we expect Harlequin lambs to begin arrive in early December. This means we may have babies ready to go to their new homes as early as early February

Time to reserve your Babydoll or Harlequin Lambs

If you are looking for the ideal miniature sheep, you've no doubt heard of or read about Babydoll Southdown sheep. But, have you ever seen a Harlequin sheep? They are the latest in "designer" miniature sheep measuring at or less than 24" at the shoulder. Harlequins are sought after for their wild spots and can be either tri-color or black and white. Sometimes Harlequin lambs are born with partial or full blue eyes.

Now is the time to reserve your new miniature lambs as I re-read my gestational calendar and lambs were due to begin arriving Feb 2nd and not the end of the month as previously thought.

If you have ever thought of adding some small sheep to your backyard or ranch, you owe it to yourself to look at the fun people are having with Babydoll and Harlequin sheep. Please contact us to reserve your new lambs today!

First Harlequin Lamb Born at Six Wags Over Texas

The first Harlequin lamb born at Six Wags Over Texas arrived on December 31st. The ewe is Angel and her new ewe lamb is "Polka Dottie". Dottie is mostly black with a small stripe of white hair on the back of her skull and a tiny amount of white over one side of her top lip.

So far she is sweet and sassy with the other lambs and never strays far from her mother. Her dad is Jake - a black Babydoll ram.

Harlequin lamb

New ram pens added for Babydoll Sheep

This weekend we bought a set of six portable "show" pens. They are custom made and allow us to pen up any of the sheep as needed, yet they are still in with other flock members. Of course the first use is to keep the rams from the ewes as they tend to be rammy when the ewes are in the middle to late stages of pregnancy.

Catching a ewe being "T-boned" with force is scary - so we felt the pens were a good deal all around. They can also be useful as lambing jugs for bonding of ewes and lambs and as holding pens for vet calls, foot trimming, etc.

In the summer we will lay cattle panels over the tops with sunscreen mesh to provide shade.

New Year’s Sale on Harlequin and Babydoll Spring Lambs

Six Wags is making an unprecedented move that will make buying your new lambs the most affordable ever!
Of course, there is one thing we must ask you to do which is to FIRST and that is to go to our Facebook page and LIKE us!

So here's the offer to Friends of Six Wags:

By the stroke of midnight January 1, 2013 you can:

RESERVE your Spring lambs and save $50 on each. You will reserve with $100 deposit per head, and the $50 will be taken off the balance. Please note all deposits are refundable if we are unable to provide a portion of your request.

PRE-PAY your Spring lambs and save $100 each! Even on Harlequins!

Please note that you cannot combine the above offers with our regular "Buy one, take $50 off each subsequent sheep"


Babydoll Southdown Sheep Face TX Cold Front

After what seems like years, we have finally had our second cold front in North Texas. The Babydoll sheep seem very happy with the change in temperature and there's a brisk wind, too. The Harlequin sheep went out to the back where they have a wind break in the lower part of the pasture. All lambs are up near the barn where they have shelter from the wind in a run-in shed. Two of the oldest Babydoll sheep ewes are babysitting the lambs.

Southdown Babydoll Lambs for Spring!


Breeding Well Underway at Six Wags!

We began breeding earlier this year in order to have lambs born in late February. Now that we are raising two flocks - Babydoll Southdown sheep and Harlequin sheep, we have many more sheep to keep track of to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy. We have been letting them rotate out to the lawn to get some fresh forage form the grass. Right now we have five groups: Spotted Harlequin breeders, Off-White Babydoll Southdown breeders, and Black Babydoll Southdown breeders.

This year we have a group of non-breeders that includes two ewes too old to breed and lambs that are too young to breed. We also have another group that are non-breeding rams, two of which are too young to breed this year.

We like to allow our lambs to breed only after they have had their first birthday in order to allow all of the nutrients from what they eat to go into growng sound bones and organs. Hopefully this will make them better breeders that will remain hearty for a longer length of time.

Now is the time to either get on our waiting list or put down your desposits for Spring lambs. We keep all lambs with their mothers until they are eight weeks old.

This year, Kenny our off-white ram has three ewes he's breeding to for an owner from Broken Bow, OK. Kenny is known as "Mr. Get It Done" so I am sure there will be babies all around Broken Bow this Spring. Our visitors will return home in early November.

Renting a ram is a great way to have the lambs you want without the hassle of having to keep the ram apart from the ewes prior to breeding season. Although Kenny is a sweetheart, some rams are quite bossy and will butt you given the chance.


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