2014 Mini Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Breeding season began for all of our Babydoll sheep as of last week. We expect a great crop from of doting moms and robust rams!

Harlequin breeding (the other mini sheep) began in June to utilize a great ram who is going north to Oklahoma to his new home with his own ewes in October.

Right now we expect Harlequin lambs to begin arrive in early December. This means we may have babies ready to go to their new homes as early as early February

2 Responses to “2014 Mini Babydoll Southdown Sheep”

  • Eveann George:
    I would like to reserve a ewe lamb (babydoll) for the spring. Also I am interested in the Harlequins but didn’t know if any would be available.
  • Eveann George:
    I would like to reserve a babydoll ewe for the spring. I am interested in a harlequins but didn’t know if you would have any. Thanks

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