Time to reserve your Babydoll or Harlequin Lambs

If you are looking for the ideal miniature sheep, you've no doubt heard of or read about Babydoll Southdown sheep. But, have you ever seen a Harlequin sheep? They are the latest in "designer" miniature sheep measuring at or less than 24" at the shoulder. Harlequins are sought after for their wild spots and can be either tri-color or black and white. Sometimes Harlequin lambs are born with partial or full blue eyes.

Now is the time to reserve your new miniature lambs as I re-read my gestational calendar and lambs were due to begin arriving Feb 2nd and not the end of the month as previously thought.

If you have ever thought of adding some small sheep to your backyard or ranch, you owe it to yourself to look at the fun people are having with Babydoll and Harlequin sheep. Please contact us to reserve your new lambs today!

Six Wags Over Texas sells registered Babydoll Southdown sheep and Harlequin sheep, lambs, sheep breeding groups, adult sheep throughout the United States of America

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