Southdown Babydoll Lambs for Spring!


Breeding Well Underway at Six Wags!

We began breeding earlier this year in order to have lambs born in late February. Now that we are raising two flocks - Babydoll Southdown sheep and Harlequin sheep, we have many more sheep to keep track of to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy. We have been letting them rotate out to the lawn to get some fresh forage form the grass. Right now we have five groups: Spotted Harlequin breeders, Off-White Babydoll Southdown breeders, and Black Babydoll Southdown breeders.

This year we have a group of non-breeders that includes two ewes too old to breed and lambs that are too young to breed. We also have another group that are non-breeding rams, two of which are too young to breed this year.

We like to allow our lambs to breed only after they have had their first birthday in order to allow all of the nutrients from what they eat to go into growng sound bones and organs. Hopefully this will make them better breeders that will remain hearty for a longer length of time.

Now is the time to either get on our waiting list or put down your desposits for Spring lambs. We keep all lambs with their mothers until they are eight weeks old.

This year, Kenny our off-white ram has three ewes he's breeding to for an owner from Broken Bow, OK. Kenny is known as "Mr. Get It Done" so I am sure there will be babies all around Broken Bow this Spring. Our visitors will return home in early November.

Renting a ram is a great way to have the lambs you want without the hassle of having to keep the ram apart from the ewes prior to breeding season. Although Kenny is a sweetheart, some rams are quite bossy and will butt you given the chance.


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